Management Team

The High Desert Special Operations Training Center is currently managed by Matthew Goodrich, Director of Training.  Mr. Goodrich, a former US Marine and US Navy SEAL, served during the first Gulf War and thereafter deployed to several war-torn countries throughout the Middle East and Africa conducting special operations missions.  

He began his training career assigned to his SEAL team's training cell and then assigned to Naval Special Warfare Center, BUD/S, to serve as a land warfare instructor training students in Weapons, Small Unit Tactics and Explosives.

Upon leaving the SEAL community, Mr. Goodrich became involved in the international private security industry as a professional security contractor.  Trained by numerous Government agencies, he subsequently was deployed to Iraq to perform several protective security missions.

As the Director of Training, Mr. Goodrich manages a hand-picked full time and adjunct instructor staff in order to provide custom-tailored training solutions to a broad instructor base in addition to preparing employees of SOC-SMG, Inc. to deploy as security contractors to Iraq.


HDSOC prides itself on providing an instructor staff second to none. Maintaining a 4:1 student to instructor ratio during live fire exercises ensures individual attention and instruction. Our instructors are all considered subject matter experts in their lead instructor role skill-sets, such as communications, explosive devices, driving, counter-terrorism, vulnerability assessments and weapons training. Most have served in theatres abroad and bring practical real world experience to the classroom. HDSOC instructors collectively possess decade’s worth of work experience as Special Forces, SEAL team members and BUDS instructors, long range defensive marksman, SWAT team members, FBI agents, FEMA certified instructors, and NRA certified firearms instructors.