High Desert Special Operations Center (HDSOC) is considered the West Coast’s premier training facility for special operations units, law enforcement agencies, and armed security professionals.

Our diverse instructor cadre, all veterans with distinguished backgrounds in military and law enforcement, combined with our unique range and training facilities, provides our clients with the best services the private security industry has to offer in high-risk training and support.

HDSOC is committed to building strong client relationships through consistently superior training that will meet any specific mission requirement. We value all clients and are committed to maintaining the highest standard of training to exceed their expectations.

Our clients trust us to provide them with the most up-to date, tactically sound, and realistic training that our industry has to offer. We strive to exceed that expectation by providing a product of superlative quality, delivered with an unmatched level of customer service.


Mission Statement

To provide premier training that anticipates and fulfills the ever evolving needs of the U.S. government and private security industry in both the domestic and international arenas.