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High Desert Special Operations Center (HDSOC) is the West Coast’s premier training facility for military, law enforcement, corporate, and individual clients and is internationally recognized for providing the very best security training in the industry.

We have recently updated our Training Services offerings to include Vulnerability Assessments and security courses to be taught on-site regarding Public Violence Awareness Seminars

Please contact us for more information:

1-775-755-9277 ext. 338 (Dick SKeema) 


             Employment Opportunities with HDSOC

1.  Are you a recognized Subject Matter Expert in your field and would like an opportunity to perform seminar speaking, consulting, and performing assessments?  Join our SME Program.

Please submit your resume to employment@smg-soc.com and indicate "HDSOC SME Program" in the subject line.

2.  Looking for part-time or full-time employment as a Personal Security Trainer? Join our HDSOC  Adjunct or Full-Time Instructor Program

If you have formal instructor experience as a Medic, WPPS Instructor, Defensive Driving Instructor, or Marksmanship Instructor and desire to join our Adjunct Instructor Program, please submit your resume to employment@smg-soc.com and indicate "HDSOC Instructor Position" in the subject line.  

3. We are also looking for Role Players on a part-time basis to augment our staff supporting scenario role-playing for our clients (military, law enforcement, government agencies). Please indicate "HDSOC Role Player Position" in the subject line. Some Role Player positions require a Secret clearance and can last for a month duration.  You must be willing to undergo a criminal background check and be a U.S. citizen to be eligible.

4. We will be hiring a full time rang master for our on site shooting range. Candidate should have a strong affinity for pistol, rifles, and basic marksmanship. Our shooting range uses AR500 steel targets from shootingtargets7.com and all safety proceedures will need to be observed on the range.


Mission Statement

HDSOC is committed to providing premier training that anticipates and fulfills the ever evolving needs of the U.S. government and private security industry in both the domestic and international arenas.